If you are using an email client like Thunderbird, Windows eMail or Outlook you can get your mail directly from our server and also use our server to send your email.

We really do recommend you use Thunderbird as your email software.  Thunderbird will automatically detect all our server settings for you.  All you have to do is put your email address and password in and Thunderbird will do the rest for you, it’s that simple!

You can download Thunderbird from here.


Settings to set up your email account are below.

Email User Name:  joe@example.com

The user name for your email account is your full email address, eg joe@example.com, not just the bit before the @ sign.

Incoming server name:  mx.yournet.co.nz

You can use either pop or imap to collect your mail.  If you want to leave your mail on the server, so that you can also use our webmail system, then it is recommended that you use imap.

Outgoing server name:  mx.yournet.co.nz

Sending email using our server (rather than your ISPs) is simple, but there are some extra settings that you have to make.

Outgoing Email Port:  587

You must set the port used for sending mail to 587.  The default port is 25.  Some ISPs (xtra.co.nz for example, at the time of writing) block access to port 25 on any server but their own.  Some ISPs (xtra.co.nz for example) also block you from sending eMail with the from address set to anything other than their own domain name (not your own domain name).

For these reasons we set up port 587 so that you can deposit your email into our email server directly.


To send email via our server, you must use out going authentication.  You use the same user name and password that you use for your incoming email.


Our server supports email security.  You can choose to use it to transfer email to and from the server if you want to.