From simple home and office networks to wide area and global networks, we build it all.  We have a full bag of resources and partnerships with companies to deliver your requirements.

Past projects have included building urban wireless networks.  Our passion is to address the ‘digital divide’ with appropriate technology solutions.


We build hosting solutions for our clients.  From a single domain name with supporting web site to CDN backed global web site solutions we can build a solution that meets your current and forecast needs.

Our passion is to host New Zealand content, that is accessed by New Zealanders, in New Zealand.

Web Sites

Need a new web site?  We work with design companies to create functional web sites for our clients.  Our current key focuses are on making sure your site is delivered with SSL and mobile technology.  Google have been telling the world that they rank mobile/HTTPS (SSL) web sites higher.


Our other passion in this area is making sure your site appears quickly on your users device.  That used to be as simple as making sure the images on your pages weren’t to large.  Today it’s more complex.  Our team have an understanding of how to get the best results for your viewers.

Telephone Lines and Phone Systems – 0800 phone services.

We’ve got almost 30 years experience in the telephone industry with an understanding of all the technologies that have existed in that time.

Our focus is ‘carrier independent systems’.  That means phone systems that don’t tie you to the costs and limitations of the carrier but focus on solutions that are portable.

0800 numbers can be complex and expensive if implemented poorly.  If you have an 0800 number you should talk to us to understand if you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Domain Names

When it comes to domain names our passion is .nz.  We can sort you out with what ever domain name you’re after, but every .nz domain name sold helps the New Zealand internet space, so being keen New Zealanders, we’re keen about our part of the world.


New or second hand servers hosted in our resources around the world, we can configure and host systems to meet your requirements.  We have more than 25 years experience running up smal server systems for business use.  We have a great understanding of the value of second hand equipment that comes from ex-lease environments or where others are simply needing to upgrade to larger resources.

BackUp Solutions

Backups is just something you can never have to many of!  One day most of us will be to young to remember walking out of ‘the red zone’ in Christchurch and that being the very last time we saw the data on our computers.

We build back up solutions that move your data away from you and then off the network.  It’s called ‘an air break’.  It means a physical separation between your data and any computer system.

Today’s challenge is planning a backup strategy that collects all your important data from everywhere it exists.  That’s more complex than ever with people using more and more mobile devices and not always being sure where they’ve stored content.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless in your home is simple.  Set up one or more access points (AP’s) and in most cases you’re done!

Wireless in large spaces is complex.  We have the skills, resources and a community of experts to build you the wireless solution you need.

From coverage planning to frequency management and load balancing, let’s have a conversation.

We build suburban wide networks in complex high density, noisy environments, which work.

System Monitoring

Having a cool web site for your business is all well and good, but having it off line to your customers isn’t quite so crash hot!

We build monitoring systems to watch the up time and performance of your resources, and we can do it around the globe.

We also build load monitoring systems for networks which enable you to find bottle necks.  This is complex work and takes time to get right for many organisations.  Just because your router has 1Gb interfaces on it doesn’t mean it will actually move 1Gb of traffic at line speed.  SSD hard drives in your servers are cool, but if another aspect of the network means that the traffic can’t move then over investment becomes pointless investment.

Email Services

Looking for an email address?  Talk to

Looking for an email solution that’s robust, backed up, can be access from your phone, tablet, desktop and web browser all at the same time, in sync, with copies of important messages to and from your team monitored?  Talk to us.

Getting and sending email is important, but more important is backing it up properly.  We have email back up solutions that hold and archive your email over days, weeks, months and years.  Just because it’s been deleted from your mail box today doesn’t mean it’s gone for good.

General IT Services

Setting up email, accounting systems, small networks, printers, phones, tablets, tell us what you need.

Big customers, who give you most of your work, often start out as the small ones who take most of your time.  No job is to small for us to want to help you get sorted out.  IT can be frustrating on the best of days, we’re here to help and make your life easier!

System Design and Planning

We can plan it, build it, manage it or just monitor it.

We’ve been building small and large area networks for decades.  We also have an extensive community of folk to help us deliver large projects as required.