DTC is a ‘hosting control panel and billing system’ all in one.

People ask us why we use DTC when cPanel and WHM is so much more clean and tidy, simple, used by so many and cheap.

“Choice, Open and Barrier to Entry”

Choice is really important.  We have chosen to offer you another ‘choice’.  Yes, it’s actually harder for us to do this, but if we don’t then one day we’ll all wake up and there won’t be any other choice in the market place.

Open is really important.  ‘Closed systems’ aren’t systems you should trust because you can never be sure what they’re actually doing.  DTC is Open Source, so even if you don’t understand what the source code means, you can always find someone who does.

Barrier to Entry is really important.  DTC is free for anyone to set up hosting and use.

Why Choose Hosting?

Yes, Google does provide Free email to anyone.  On one hand this is really great and it’s good.  Before Google was about, email used to be the domain of Internet Service Providers who used to lock you into their service by giving you an email address at their domain.  eg you@yourisp.co.nz.

Google gave you the freedom use email without being tied to your Internet Connection Service Provider.

Bug gmail still ties you to Google.  So while you’re no longer a slave to your ICSP you’re now a slave to an email provider.

Large email providers often used advertising tools to read your messages and target advertising at you.  Nothing is really free!

Large companies don’t normally provide a personal touch.


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