Our Control Panel has a fully integrated support ticket system.  The support system helps us to keep track of issues you need help with, so please take good advantage of it.

  1.  Login to your account
  2. Click on the
  3.   Click on the “Support Tickets” option at the bottom of the menu area (second from the bottom of the menu)
  4. Click on the “Submit new support issue” button to start a new support conversation
  5. You can attach a files, such as a screen print to a support ticket.
  6. Click “Send trouble ticket” after you’ve entered your message.
  7. Support tickets are sent to all our support team.  The ticket system lets our support team see who’s already responded.  This is helpful for you.
  8. Your query will appear in the Ticket List.
  9. Click the subject of the ticket if you want to review your query or add more detail.
  10. Click “Submit new support issue” to update your ticket.
  11. You can also use this feature to “Bump” your ticket.
  12. You can also request to close this ticket.  Closing the ticket indicates to us that you have found the answers you needed and don’t need our help any more.
  13. You can reopen your ticket simply by selecting it from the ticket list at any time and adding more detail.