Acheson Internet Services

We are now accepting applications to join our suburban wide wireless network.  The aim of our WISP network is an attempt to do something about the growing ‘digital divide’.  We provide unmetered internet for $10 a week.

Everyone wants access to the internet in their homes because all the knowledge that used to be in books, that you could get from the library and take home, is now on the internet.  People who don’t have good quality internet at home are at a disadvantage in our view.


Internet needs to be ‘unmetered’ and not ‘discounted for a short time’ because some people don’t like unexpected surprises while others just can’t cope with them.  Getting a bill at the end of the month for a large ‘whack of data’ that you didn’t budget for is an ‘end of service’ problem, in fact, it’s a reason some people just don’t connect up.


People who get paid weekly have to be able to pay for things weekly too.  Services also need to allow for people going away.  You don’t get billed for using water when you’re away, you shouldn’t be billed for internet that you don’t consume.


Data Center Resources Now All In Place

Our data center now has all the resources you’d expect to find in a small boteique DC environment.   We can provide you with everything from the simplest shared hosting solution to raw RU space with A and B side UPS backed power and access to dark fibre and power options.

In the layer 3 space we can offer BGP in our shared data platform so you can announce your IP space directly to our providers.  We have an extensive SDN connecting to our own dedicated server arrays.

We can provide your own data services directly via VLAN to our VPS platform or your own dedicated servers.

We also provide an extensive array of system back up options including ‘hot servers’ if you need.  “Air break” backups are critical to any IT operation.  We have techs who can provide remote hands and perform media changes as you require.  In our backup array we can deliver either shared or dedicated backup resources depending on your budget or need.  Backups can be removed from the site daily and held in a secure remote facility or dispatched back to you for your safe keeping.


New Data Center Fibre Connected

Lots of fibre just arrived at our Christchurch based data center!  We ordered up enough fibre so that data center customers can simply order up their own ONT based service without having to have expensive data paths planned on shared media.  We can also arrange with our carrier to provide you your own dark fibre if that’s what you need.

What We Do

We build custom hosting and wireless internet solutions.